Shadows of the Past

Roaming Phandalin

After we came to Phandalin and delivered the goods of the Rockseeker brothers, we discovered that not only Gundren was kidnapped, but also his brothers went missing. Okara is fixed on looking for them, but to go alone would be just suicidal! I’ve talked with Daeris and Crugeon, we will help her, but we will try to take as much profit as we can from the situation.

That mindless dwarf! Okara expects us to join her for free; she doesn’t understand she’s shorthanded! Fortunately Sildard, Gundren’s bodygard, is a much more sensitive person and offered us a hefty ransom if we manage to find the Cragmaw Castle and save Gundren from the Spider Queen.

While we were investigating about the possible whereabouts of Gundren, many leads (and profitable errands) will take us to the territories of orcs. Many peoples of the town have had problems with these despicable creatures lead by Brughor Axebiter, and they said to have been raid both by orcs and goblins. If we manage to capture some alive, we could get some useful information about the Cragmaw Castle’s location.

While roaming the town, we found the Blue Lion merchant group; they were happy to hear that we found some of their lost supplies. They were a bit less happy to handle the money we asked for that information. Also the kind Sister Garaele gave us a delivery quest; it’s a sweet profit for a dumb mission.

A final lead came to us; a clever lady from the BlueLion merchant group told us that the Redbrands (a group of filthy thugs) may have a goblin prisoner in the Tresendar Manor. I normally don’t meddle with the local troublemakers, it’s the mayor’s duty to keep them at bay! In the other hand, it might be interesting to pay them visit, if the goblin is alive we could interrogate him.

We are setting out to the Manor after lunch.

Saving my cousin

Tarsakh, 1st, 1489

It’s been two days since we left Neverwinter with the mercenaries hired by Gundren. The gnome talks too much. The elf…well she’s an elf, she does not talk very much and seems to be of the brooding type. The human is weird, he is a sorcerer and has a strange skin color, I don’t know if I can trust him or not.

On the way to Phandalin, we found the dead horses of Gundren and Sildar Hallwinter, his bodyguard, and were ambushed by goblin raiders. They did not live long enough to understand that they made a mistake by attacking us. We followed their trails and found their hideout in order to save my cousin. We explored the underground complex, where we almost died drowned by one of the goblin’s ruse. We have to thank the human and his damned torch for that…
Finally, we managed to eradicate the goblin threat and saved Sildar, but no trace of my cousin. It seems that he was brought before the mastermind behind the ambush, an enigmatic figure called the Black Spider. By Moradin’s hammer, I do not like this…

Tarsakh, 3rd, 1489

We have finaly arrived to Phandalin. After a night in the goblin hideout and in the wilderness, I really need a shower.

On the way, Sildar told us that he was looking for a friend, a wizard named Iarno Albrek, who should be in the small outpost but has not given news in tendays. He also revealed to the mercenaries what Gundren and his brothers have discovered: the long lost Wave Echo Cave. I would have preferred that the human kept his mouth shut, but if Gundren is in danger I might need any help I can find, even from these venal mercenaries…

Dammit! Nundro and Tharden have also disappeared! And the gnome won’t help me find them if I cannot pay him and his fellow mercenaries. Is this what a life is worth to them? A few gold pieces? Fine, I will find my cousins alone if it is what it takes…


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